Top 10 Estrogen Blocker Supplements for Men – 2017 Rankings

Top 10 Estrogen Blocker Supplements for Men – 2017 Rankings

Top 10 Estrogen Blockers For Men in 2017

As men, we usually think that we want no estrogen in our bodies, that testosterone rules all. While this is somewhat true, it isn’t entirely because even as males a low and controlled level of estrogen to testosterone ratio is required to maintain healthy function of the body.

The issue occurs when estrogen levels in males reach excessive points. Once this situation occurs, men begin to experience negative affects such as decreased testosterone production, its availability, increase in abdominal fat, lethargy, and so on.

Bottom line is that high estrogen in men is bad, low and controlled estrogen is good. Often times it can be hard to do this without the right supplementation, that is why we’ve provided you with the top 10 best estrogen blockers for men in 2017.

Starting with our lowest rated product first, scroll to the bottom to see our top rated estrogen blocker.


10. Olympian Labs – DIM

Keeping the formula simple, yet effective with DIM (Di-Indolyl-Methane), Olympian Labs produced a single-ingredients product to the market that contains 150mg of DIM per serving (1 capsule).

Just so we’re clear, let us explain to you exactly what is DIM. DIM is a food-based compound that is found in cruciferous vegetables such a cabbage, cauliflower, etc. Studies have suggested that while taking DIM it can inhibit the aromatase enzyme (& prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen) plus it is known to also convert potent forms of estrogen into less potent forms. That being said, overall DIM works to reduce the effects of estrogen in the body.

Something you might want to take note of is that more isn’t always better when it comes to the doses of DIM, taking over the recommended levels can have a reverse affect on the aromatase enzyme, this is something that you don’t want!

Benefits of Olympian Labs – DIM

  • May Help Increase Fat Loss
  • Helps Lower Estrogen Levels
  • Supports Healthy Balance of Testosterone to Estrogen Ratio
  • Promotes a Healthy Metabolism Naturally through Supporting Hormonal Action


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9. Blackstone Labs – Eradicate

Eradicate by Blackstone Labs will get the job done if you’re looking to remove any excess estrogen. It does this by inhibiting aromatase using the main ingredient Arimistane. This works essential by binding to aromatase and preventing it from doing its job.

While Eradicate is overall a decent product, it seems to fit well with bodybuilders who are cycling with steroids and need to get rid of the excess estrogen levels.

Benefits of Blackstone Labs – Eradicate

  • Removes any Excess Estrogen Levels
  • Promotes Increased Virility & Loss of Abdominal Fat
  • Promotes Increased Testosterone


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8. VH Nutrition – Estrovoid

VH Nutrition is not a well-known supplement in the industry, with their primary source of sale going through That being said, their estrogen control product appears to be fairly enjoyed by their users and has a good formula. Although it is a proprietary blend, the ingredient list is a good one, and while we cannot rank it any further because of this, if their dosages are at sufficient levels, this product would be a great estrogen and cortisol-controlling supplement.

Benefits of VH Nutrition – Estrovoid

  • Helps Promote Recovery from Strenuous Exercise
  • Reduce Cortisol and Estrogen Levels
  • May Help Increase


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7. PEScience – Erase Pro +

Erase Pro + by PEScience contains all the same ingredients as its old product had, except with an all new ingredient added that takes Erase Pro + to the next level earning its #7 spot on our list.

The new ingredient is KSM-66® brand premium Ashwagandha, which has been tested numerous times and overall the results show that it’s good for hormone support capabilities, especially for cortisol and testosterone. That being said, we don’t consider this product to be in the ant-estrogen category, overall though it is a good hormone optimizer with a decent ingredient profile. However, for it to be a great estrogen control, the product is lacking and would not be as effective in this department.

Benefits of PEScience – Erase Pro +

  • Optimize Cortisol Levels
  • Boost Testosterone Levels


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6. Man Sports – Nolvadren XT

Nolvadren XT was formulated by Man Sports to provide healthy testosterone and estrogen levels after regular use, of course in combination with a proper diet and exercise program. One good thing about Nolvadren is its proprietary blend free label, which is something you should expect from any good supplement company.

Overall, the Nolvadren formula is pretty good, as it contains ingredients that will boost testosterone and reduce estrogen that will leave you with a harder and dryer looking physique. Also, all Man Sports supplements are made in micro-batches with more attention to detail in a cGMP facility.

The main issue with this product is that the doses seem a bit low and that this product is not ideal for long-term use.

Benefits of Man Sports – Nolvadren XT

  • Boost Libido & Performance
  • Increase Free Testosterone Levels
  • Help in Management of Estrogen & Cortisol Levels


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5. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – Estrogenex 2nd Generation

Estrogenex 2nd Generation by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is a good solution if you’re looking for an anti-aging supplement or trying to control estrogen and release free testosterone, promote muscle mass and achieve a hard, lean looking physique, Estrogenex 2nd could be your solution!

Benefits of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – Estrogenex 2nd

  • Control Estrogen
  • Increase Free Testosterone
  • Support ant-aging



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4. Pride Nutrition – E-Block

Finding itself at #4 on our list, E-Block by Pride Nutrition has been placed here because of its formula making it a well-rounded ant-estrogen supplement that has been designed to help reduce and restore the correct levels of hormone balance. Because of the serving size and the formula missing a couple ingredients we think are beneficial to have E-Block counted be ranked any higher.

Benefits of Pride Nutrition – E-Block

  • Help Eliminate Cystic and Hormonal Acne
  • Promote Improved Energy, Focus, Endurance, and Sex Drive
  • Help Regulate and Restore hormone Balance


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3. Myokem Alphadex

Myokem Alphadex is a strong hormone modulator that was formulated to attack estrogen in two ways, which are aromatase inhibitors (AI’s) and selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERM’s). This formula is based on three compounds such as brassaiopsis glomerulata extract, garcinia mangostana extract, and acacetin. Each of the three ingredients work to control and lower estrogen levels.

Benefits of Myokem Alphadex

  • Control Estrogen
  • Manipulates Estrogen Through Two Pathways
  • Promotes Hard, Lean Muscle

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2. S.A.N. – Conquest 250

Conquest 250 is a very simple, yet effective single ingredient product with great potential. Ursolic acid is the key ingredient in this product with multiple studies to back it up. One study suggested that ursolic acid increased fat loss by 50%. If you’re looking to manage estrogen levels and promote increases in muscle hypertrophy, Conquest 250 may be an option for you. For the best option, see below for our #1 ranked estrogen blocker.

Benefits of S.A.N. – Conquest 250

  • Help Control Estrogen Levels
  • Promote Fat Loss
  • Increase Muscle Growth

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1. Jacked Factory – ANDROSURGE – Top Estrogen Blocker/Reducer For 2017

When a product is scientifically-dosed, proprietary-blend free, and all-natural there isn’t really any denying it. This is what you get when using ANDROSURGE by Jacked Factory. This product will take your training and results to the next level; because of key ingredients, this is not only an anti-estrogen supplement, but will also help boost natural testosterone. That being said, overall this product is an all-in-one hormone optimizer.

The great thing about Jacked Factory products is that each ingredient is carefully selected with a purpose, there are no fillers or unnecessary ingredients in their formulas and ANDROSURGE is just another example. With this in mind, it’s obvious that users should experience maximal increase in natural testosterone without any increase in estrogen production to excessive amounts.

Another good point on why we chose ANDROSURGE is that it’s all-natural, so there’s no necessary reason to “cycle off” of this product, as opposed to other intense supplements on the market that will leave you with bad side-effects and shut down natural hormone production. Jacked Factory also manufactures all of their products in a cGMP facility in the USA, and are free from unnecessary additives. Finally, unlike most supplement companies, Jacked Factory offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all of their products if for any reason you are not satisfied with the results, which is great because there is no real risk!

Read our ANDROSURGE review here.

Benefits of Jacked Factory – ANDROSURGE

  • Boosts Energy, Drive, Vitality, & Libido
  • Promotes Increases in Lean Muscle, Strength & Enhances Fat Loss
  • Reduces Estrogenic Production
  • Elevates Free Testosterone Levels
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


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