Get a Good Sleep to Boost Testosterone & Lower Estrogen Levels

Get a Good Sleep to Boost Testosterone & Lower Estrogen Levels

Get a Good Sleep to Boost Testosterone & Lower Estrogen Levels

Sleep continues to be the forgotten aspect of health and fitness, which is crazy because it has such a huge influence on your metabolism, and on your hormones. If you don’t think that this is a big deal, then you are vastly undervaluing the effect that your hormones have on every aspect of your life.

In this article we will look at the negative effects of a bad night’s sleep on testosterone, and other hormones, before taking a look at the benefits. As you read this you will probably begin to appreciate the vicious circle that a bad night’s sleep can create.

How Bad Sleep Can Lower Testosterone

Sleep is where your body recharges and resets itself. It is very important, having a bad night has been linked with lowered Testosterone and Growth Hormone levels. This means that if you have one bad night your Testosterone levels for the morning will be affected, and that chronic bad sleep can lead to a long term drop in testosterone.

But it’s not just testosterone and growth hormone that are affected, bad sleep can also affect the hunger and satiety hormones. These are the hormones that control appetite. After a bad night your levels of Leptin are reduced, this is bad because Leptin is designed to make you feel full after a meal. If your Leptin levels are reduced then it will take more food to make you feel full, which can lead to you overeating.

The hunger hormone Ghrelin is also affected, production sky rockets after a bad night which makes you feel much hungrier. Combine these two issues (increased hunger and lack of satiety) and you will almost certainly gain weight. This means that you will have more adipose tissue (fat) which can cause increased Estrogen.

Increased estrogen in males has many negative side effects but most importantly it can lower testosterone, so as you can see a bad night’s sleep will not only directly lower testosterone, but it can also indirectly lower testosterone. A pretty bad combination!

How a Good Night Can Increase Testosterone

Basically the opposite is true if you have a good night. Testosterone is maximally released, as is growth hormone. Leptin and Ghrelin are both released in their correct amounts, and as a result your appetite is intact. This means that you won’t gain weight but could in fact lose it, meaning more testosterone.

But sleep has another way of affecting testosterone production, this time indirectly. Several studies have shown that a good night’s sleep can improve sporting performance by lowering fatigue, increasing power, and improving reaction time. It seems clear that these abilities can be transferred to the gym. Both work together, a better sleep will result in better sport performance and better sport performance will lead to a better sleep!

If you can train at a harder intensity, for longer in the gym then you will be able to lift more weights which can massively increase testosterone. You will also be able to burn more calories, which reduces body fat, and therefore helps to boost testosterone even further.

Final Thoughts

Sleep should be seen as just as crucial to testosterone boosting and estrogen reduction as dieting to reduce estrogen and exercise to increase testosterone are. Once you have all three factors you will be able to benefit from much higher testosterone levels, and all the gains that this brings.

Lowering Estrogen in Men to Build Muscle

Lowering Estrogen in Men to Build Muscle

Lowering Estrogen in Men to Build Muscle

Estrogen is the female sex hormone, but it is also produced in men – albeit in smaller amounts. It has a number of uses, and being deficient in it is not healthy. However most men tend to suffer from the consequences of too much Estrogen, which is problematic as this can cause a lot of issues.

For starters it can lead to a reduction in Testosterone, which is a big deal! Having too much Estrogen and not enough Testosterone can cause weight gain (particularly around the abdomen), impotence, depression, loss of muscle tone, and troubled sleep. All of these problems can further compound the issue by driving Testosterone levels even lower.

Once you become aware of the negative effects of too much Estrogen it can be easy to spot the signs in yourself. If you are constantly feeling tired and fatigued, if your mood is suffering, if you have a lack of energy, and have lost any sexual desire, then you probably have high levels of Estrogen and low levels of Testosterone. Of course this isn’t a guaranteed diagnosis, but it will be the case for many men.

Luckily there are lots of ways to lower Estrogen, and following these methods will also help to raise Testosterone. There are additional benefits that arise from this, including: fat loss, muscle gain, improved sleep, improved mood and cognitive function, increased libido and fertility.

How to Lower Estrogen

There are a few effective ways to go about lowering Estrogen, the first would be to look at purchasing an aromatase inhibitor. This is a supplement that prevent the enzyme “aromatase” from converting Testosterone to Estrogen. Blocking this enzyme will see your Testosterone levels increase while your Estrogen levels drop.

If you’re not a fan of supplements then you can eat certain foods that work as aromatase inhibitors. Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Kale, and other cruciferous vegetables are natural aromatase inhibitors. Though obviously combining these with an aromatase-inhibiting supplement would lead to even better results!

Another way to lower Estrogen and boost Testosterone is to improve your sleep quality and duration. Start following a sleep schedule, consider taking supplements such as ZMA or Melatonin which have been proven to improve sleep. Studies have shown that the more sleep you have the higher your Testosterone levels are in the morning.

You should also start lifting heavy weights, and we’re not talking about smashing out 30 reps on the chest press here. We mean proper free weight exercises such as barbell squats, deadlifts, bench press, and bent over rows. Studies have shown that free weight exercises stimulate more Testosterone than resistance machines.

Diet can also play a part (other than the vegetables we just mentioned). The most effective way to lose weight is to consume less calories than you burn. This creates a calorie deficit and your body will burn stored fat to keep you alive. Adipose tissue (body fat) is one of the top producers of the enzyme aromatase we mentioned earlier. So reducing your body fat will lower Estrogen and boost Testosterone.

How Lowering Estrogen Builds Muscle

Muscle grows after a workout through a process called Muscle Protein Synthesis, this is where proteins are used to rebuild damaged muscle fibers. It’s why protein is so important to athletes and bodybuilders. MPS is also influenced by Testosterone levels, more testosterone leads to more protein synthesis, which then leads to bigger muscles.

Stay Active to Boost Testosterone and Lower Estrogen – 3 Reasons

Stay Active to Boost Testosterone and Lower Estrogen – 3 Reasons

3 Reasons Why You Should Stay Active to Boost Testosterone and Lower Estrogen

Testosterone and Estrogen are two sex hormones, both of which are present in men and women – but in different ratios. Men tend to have much higher levels of Testosterone while women have much higher levels of Estrogen. Having a small amount of Estrogen is actually beneficial to men, but issues can occur when the amount of Estrogen rises – leading to body fat accumulation, issues with mood, development of breast tissue, and in extreme cases an increased risk of prostate cancer.

There are many ways to redress the balance, either through testosterone boosters (either natural or clinical), diet, or through the reduction of stress. But most fitness experts recommend increasing activity and in this article we are going to look at three reasons why being physically active can be the best way to increase testosterone and lower estrogen.

Reason #1. Increased Fat Loss

Exercise is most commonly taken up to lose weight, and the act of reducing body fat can help to increase Testosterone and lower Estrogen. Adipose tissue (body fat) contains a large amount of the enzyme Aromatase which is responsible for turning Testosterone into Estrogen. Reducing your body fat will help remove some Aromatase and as a result it will re-balance your sex hormones.

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to reduce body fat and is therefore one of the best ways to boost testosterone. Concentrate on resistance exercises (lifting weights or using resistance machines) for best results, and add some cardio in on separate days. Also make sure that you rest and recuperate afterwards as this will prevent a build up of Cortisol which can reduce testosterone production if left unchecked.

Reason #2. Build Strength & Muscle

Lifting heavy weights has been consistently shown to build muscle and increase strength, but it has also been shown to boost testosterone naturally and Growth Hormone. The more you lift, the more Testosterone you will produce, which means that you’ll also gain bigger, stronger muscles (as Testosterone fuels muscle protein synthesis).

This is a great example of a mutually beneficial relationship, the more muscle you build (through strength training) the more Testosterone you produce. The more Testosterone you produce, the more muscle you build. Perfect!

Reason #3. Improved Sleep

As with exercise, there is a mutually beneficial relationship between sleep and Testosterone. Improving sleep can hugely affect Testosterone levels, and improving Testosterone levels can improve sleep quality and duration. Luckily one of the benefits of consistent daily exercise is that it can improve your sleep quality. In other words, exercising more will lead to improved sleep, which will increase Testosterone production, which will help you to improve sleep.

The Bottom Line

As you’ve probably worked out for yourself, increasing Testosterone can involve using techniques that also benefit from the higher Testosterone. So sleeping more can improve your T levels which in turn improve your sleep. Exercise has the same relationship (it also has the same relationship with sleep). Exercise regularly every day and your Testosterone levels will be high, your Estrogen levels will be in check, you’ll lose body fat, and sleep better. Can’t ask for more really, can you?

The Top 5 Ways to Keep your Estrogen and Testosterone Levels in Check

The Top 5 Ways to Keep your Estrogen and Testosterone Levels in Check

The Top 5 Ways to Keep your Estrogen and Testosterone Levels in Check

Estrogen and Testosterone are two sex hormones that are present in different amounts in both men and women. While there are some benefits to having small amounts of Estrogen in the body (for men) too much of it (combined with low levels of Testosterone) can cause some negative side effects. In this article we will discuss the top five ways to keep your Estrogen and Testosterone levels in check.

Step One: Consume Estrogen Lowering Foods

To understand this step, you need to know what aromatase is. It is an enzyme who’s function is to turn excess Testosterone into Estrogen. If you have very high levels of Testosterone, turning some of it into Estrogen is actually a good thing (your body is always trying to create balance). The problem occurs when your Testosterone levels are low and Estrogen is high – which can happen for a number of reasons.

When this happens it can make a bad situation worse, so what you need in an aromatase-inhibitor, something that lessons the influence of aromatase. Luckily a lot of foods contain aromatase-inhibitors. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts. Also celery sticks, red wine, and oysters. Increase the amount of these foods in your diets and your hormonal balance should be restored.

Step Two: Improve Your Sleep

One of the most effective (and enjoyable) ways to increase testosterone levels is to improve the quality of your sleep. Hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone are maximally released while you are in REM sleep – something that only occurs when your sleep quality is high. Following a sleep schedule will help you to drop off to sleep quicker and wake up fresher, meaning that your quality of sleep will improve and therefore testosterone.

Step Three: Cut Down on Alcohol

Moderate alcohol consumption should have no long term effect on testosterone production, but high alcohol intake can massively lower testosterone. It can also boost aromatase (that pesky enzyme we mentioned earlier) which converts testosterone into estrogen. If you are concerned with how low your testosterone levels are, or how high estrogen is, then giving up alcohol for a few weeks might be a great idea.

Step Four: Become More Active

One way to improve your testosterone/estrogen balance is to lose weight and build some muscle. Clearly exercising in a gym is the most effective way to do this, but even walking more, or just doing some extra housework can burn additional calories and lead to weight loss. If you ARE in the gym, then using free weights rather than resistance machines or cardio is the most effective way to boost testosterone.

Step Five: Use a Testosterone Booster

Natural testosterone boosters contain a number of ingredients that can increase testosterone in men with low levels. Ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek, Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, Ashwagandha root, and DIM can increase testosterone and reduce estrogen production. If you already have high testosterone then these products won’t make too much difference. But considering most men are deficient, there is definitely a case for buying them. If you’re low in testosterone then there’s a chance you’re high in Estrogen. Supplementing with a natural estrogen blocker might be something to consider as well.

The Top 5 Benefits of Supplementing with an Estrogen Blocker/Anti-Estrogen Supplement

The Top 5 Benefits of Supplementing with an Estrogen Blocker/Anti-Estrogen Supplement

5 Benefits of Supplementing with an Estrogen Blocker/Anti-Estrogen Supplement

Estrogen is the female sex hormone, though mostly being present in women men also have low levels of estrogen in their bodies. This is perfectly fine and there are even some benefits, problems occur when estrogen levels rise in males without testosterone also rising. This creates a balance shift and men can begin to develop some negative side effects.

Luckily there are legal anti-estrogen supplements that can block estrogen, or inhibit an enzyme known as aromatase (that converts testosterone into estrogen). In this article we are going to look at five benefits of supplementing with an estrogen lowering supplement. Remember if you have normal levels of estrogen, you don’t want to lower them further.

Benefit #1. Loss of Male Breast Tissue

One downside to having high levels of estrogen is that it can make men begin to form breast tissue, reducing estrogen while increasing natural testosterone will help to remove this breast tissue. The important thing is to target this before the breast tissue formation gets out of hand.

Benefit #2. Lowered Abdominal Fat

Increasing your testosterone and lowering estrogen has many benefits but can help you lose body fat all over your body, particularly fat from around the stomach. The reason for this is that the hormone estrogen tends to cause fat to accumulate around the abdomen of men more than anywhere else. That means that lowering estrogen will in turn lower abdominal fat as a priority.

Benefit #3. Increased Strength

Reducing your estrogen and increasing your testosterone can help stimulate protein synthesis, this is the process that helps you build bigger and stronger muscles. When you exercise you are breaking down muscle fibres, consuming protein can help to repair those fibres and improve them (leading to them becoming stronger and increasing hypertrophy). High testosterone levels can speed up this process and make it more effective. On the other hand, low testosterone and high estrogen can inhibit protein synthesis therefore preventing your muscles from getting bigger.

Benefit #4. Improved Libido

Men don’t really like to talk about this but when your estrogen levels rise other thing fail to rise (not apologizing for that joke). You might lose interest in sex, or you might lose the ability to “perform”, you can also find that your fertility levels are lower. Reducing that estrogen can really help to improve your libido and your fertility.

Benefit #5. Improved Sleep

High estrogen levels can negatively affect your sleep quality, leading to a bad night’s sleep. This can mess up your day in a whole host of ways: increasing stress, increasing hunger, increasing fatigue, further reducing testosterone, and negatively affecting mood. Luckily reducing estrogen has the opposite effect, helping to improve sleep which has many different benefits.

The Bottom Line

Lowering estrogen using an estrogen blocker or aromatase-inhibitor is a fantastic way to rebalance your testosterone to estrogen ratio. But you should also consider natural ways to boost testosterone and lower estrogen, this can prevent it from becoming a problem in the first place. Eat cruciferous vegetables (aromatase inhibitors), lift heavy weights, go for runs, sleep lots, and try to reduce stress.

The Top 5 Natural Testosterone Boosters For 2017

The Top 5 Natural Testosterone Boosters For 2017

The Top 5 Natural Testosterone Boosters For 2017

We know that this website is focused on estrogen, but what about testosterone? Testosterone and estrogen are very closely related.

If your testosterone levels are low, it’s a good chance your estrogen levels are high. As males this is definitely not something you want and should be avoided if possible.

While anti-estrogen supplementation has many great benefits, it’s important to consider also stacking with a natural testosterone booster to optimize your hormonal levels and get maximal results in and outside of the gym.

This is why we’ve created a top 5 best natural testosterone booster list for you to increase testosterone, lower (and maintain) estrogen levels that is also safe to stack with other natural anti-estrogen supplements.

Starting with our lowest rated product first, scroll to the bottom to see our top rated natural testosterone booster for 2017.


5. Evolution Nutrition – EVL Test

In this non-proprietary blend testosterone booster you’ll find simple and known ingredients, which might I add isn’t a bad thing; some of the ingredients such as a full serving of D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), as well as Diindolylmethane (DIM), in addition to other ingredients. DIM helps control estrogen levels but isn’t necessary if you’re already supplementing with an estrogen blocker.


Benefits of Evolution Nutrition – EVL Test

  • Supports Natural Testosterone Levels
  • Promotes an Increase in Muscular Strength
  • Zero Proprietary Blend
  • D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) – 3.12g
  • Increases Stamina & Perfomance

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4. True GRIT – Testosterone Booster

Finding itself in the number 4 spot on our list, this test booster by True GRIT is a non-proprietary blend scientific formula that will get you results in and outside of the gym. This testosterone booster was formulated to promote increases in natural testosterone and boost sex drive, which is not something that we can complain about.


Benefits of True GRIT – Test Booster

  • Zero Proprietary Blend
  • Promotes Increase in Free Testosterone
  • Promotes Lowering of Estradiol
  • Lowers the Cortisol to Testosterone Ratio



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3. Nugenix – Ultimate Testosterone

Nugenix produced a great test booster with their Ultimate Testosterone product. This test booster is another great non-proprietary blend formula with sufficient dosages. While it is a strong formula with strong doses, it is one of those products you have to use for 4 weeks at a time and ‘cycle off’ for another 2-4 weeks, which is something we’re not a fan of. Being about to use a product 8-12 weeks (or longer) with the option to cycle off would be much more suitable for a lifestyle and to make sure the product is thoroughly in your system.

That being said, Ultimate Testosterone is still a great and strong test booster that will be sure to get you results however, not a product for long term sustainability.

Benefits of Nugenix – Ultimate Testosterone

  • Boost Testosterone
  • Fair Dosages
  • Zero Proprietary Blend
  • 8 Natural T-Boosting & Male Enhancement Ingredients

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2. Propura – PrimeMale

PrimeMale by Propura comes in at second place on our list. PrimeMale is becoming more widely known as a supplement in the industry and people are becoming more aware it of. PrimeMale can help with increased fat loss; improve recovery & performance, mood, along with more. But it isn’t the best on this list; see below what we ranked as #1.

PrimeMale does this by supporting key hormone pathwasys that will reduce negative hormone production and maximizing testosterone.

Benefits of Propura – PrimeMale

  • Promotes Increase in Testosterone Levels
  • Safe as a Long-term use Product
  • Comes with a Money-Back Guarantee
  • Increases Strength & Endurance

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1. Jacked Factory – PRIMSURGE – Top Testosterone Booster For 2017

Jacked Factory is known for producing top scientifically-dosed products and they didn’t stop with their test booster Primasurge. At first glance you can see that this product is also a non-proprietary blend natural testosterone boosting formula; it’s also obvious that each ingredient was carefully selected to product only the best benefits and results for the consumer.

Another great thing with their products is that each product is designed to stack together for optimal results. So we know that their testosterone booster was designed to stack perfectly with their Estrogen blocker Androsurge, and that to us is very important.

Primasurge will not only boost your natural testosterone, but also promote muscle growth, overall strength, and overall vitality through anti-cortisol, anti-estrogen, and anti-stress based ingredients. This product is all natural and only uses clinically proven ingredients the produces the desired results, without any undesirable side effects of health risks.


Benefits of Jacked Factory – Primasurge

  • Boost Natural Testosterone Levels
  • Zero Proprietary Blend
  • Clinically-dosed Ingredients and science-based Formula
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee on all Products
  • Premium Veggie Capsules
  • No artificial Food Dyes or Fillers
  • Boost ATP Levels
  • Increase in Muscle Growth, Strength, & Assists in Fat Loss

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5 Signs You Might Be Experiencing Due to High Estrogen

5 Signs and Symptoms That You Might be Experiencing Due to High Estrogen

As men we are all very aware that we are supposed to have high testosterone levels, and that having low testosterone can cause issues (fat gain, muscle loss, bad sleep, and fertility problems). If this is an issue for you, I definitely recommend looking at the best natural testosterone boosting ingredients. But what about the other sex hormone?

Estrogen is produced by both men and women, with women getting much higher levels. Men are supposed to have at least some estrogen in their body but having too much can cause a lot of problems. In this article we are going to look at 5 signs that you may have higher estrogen levels than you are supposed to have.

Symptom #1. Formation of Breast tissue

When men get high levels of estrogen in their bodies they can begin to develop breasts, this is known as gynecomastia. For this to occur there usually has to be a significant decline in testosterone as well, something that tends to happen when a man begins to gain body fat. This can be very hard to get rid of and in some cases requires surgery.

Symptom #2. Diabetes

Studies have shown that men with low levels of testosterone and high levels of estrogen can suffer from Type II Diabetes [1]. So if you have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes then you could potentially also have very high levels of estrogen in your system.

Symptom #3. Increased Abdominal Fat

The thing about estrogen is that not only does it increase body fat but it increases it in certain places, for men this tends to be around the abdomen. If you have started to find that your stomach is getting fatter and fatter then this could be due to lowered testosterone coupled with increased estrogen. Luckily increasing your exercise will help to lower body fat which will in turn boost testosterone and lower estrogen.

Symptom #4. Lowered Libido

Get ready gents it’s time to talk about erections, or the lack-thereof. One of the most common signs of a high estrogen to testosterone ratio is a loss of morning wood. You might also find it difficult to have sex, and your chances of procreation will also fall due to the effect that low testosterone levels have on sperm production.

Symptom #5. Fatigue

What’s so irritating about hormonal irregularities is how much of a snowball effect they can have, so for example: raised estrogen and lowered testosterone can affect sleep quality and contribute to chronic fatigue. This can increase hunger (raised levels of Ghrelin and lowered Leptin can leave you feeling starving) and lower activity – try sprinting 200m when you’ve only had 5 hours of bad sleep.

As a result of this you will eventually gain a lot of body fat which increases your estrogen production and lowers testosterone levels even further! This can lead to diabetes and gynecomastia which can make exercise even more of a chore, and therefore effect weight gain even more.

It’s a slippery slope that can make a slide into obesity almost inevitable. Luckily there are things that you can do that will help reverse this. Prioritising sleep over all else is a great way to start, as is starting to exercise. Eating healthily and increasing protein and fat (from animal sources) can also increase testosterone. Eating cruciferous vegetables and looking into natural aromatase inhibitors can also increase testosterone while lowering estrogen.


[1] Jasuja, G., Travison, T., Davda, M., Rose, A., Zhang, A., Kushnir, M., Rockwood, A., Meikle, W., Coviello, A., D’Agostino, R., Vasan, R., Bhasin, S. 2013. Circulating Estrone levels are associated prospectively with diabetes risk in men of the Framingham heart study. Diabetes Care 36(9): 2591-2596


The Top 5 Benefits of Increasing Your Testosterone Levels

The Top 5 Benefits of Increasing your Testosterone Levels

If you’re a man and have spent any time within the fitness world, you’ve probably heard that increasing your testosterone is important. But do you know why this is? In this article we are going to look at the top five benefits there are to increasing your testosterone levels.

Benefit #1. Increased Muscle Mass

This is probably the most well known benefit of increasing your testosterone, and is certainly the most marketed one. But yes testosterone is able to increase muscle mass hugely, and is the number one reason why women can get as strong as some men yet still be smaller. Estrogen can also play a part in protein synthesis (the process which leads to muscle building) but it is not as good. There are also negative effects to having too much estrogen in men. Increasing your testosterone levels while lifting heavy weights will build huge muscles.

Amazingly, you don’t even necessarily have to do any exercise. A study was performed on men who took steroids (which increase testosterone), even though they did no exercise they still gained muscle size. Obviously this was using massive amounts of testosterone so wouldn’t work for those of you using natural testosterone boosting methods, however this does put thing into perspective.

Benefit #2. Lowered Body Fat

High testosterone levels can reduce body fat and reducing body fat can increase testosterone. This means that there is a clear relationship between the two, lowering body fat can also lower estrogen which will further raise testosterone. If you are looking to lose weight one of the first things that you can do is attempt to raise your testosterone levels.

Benefit #3. Increase Your Metabolism

In a way this third benefit is kind of a cheat, because it is essentially the same as benefit number two. But raising your metabolism and losing weight ARE different things, and testosterone can affect both of them. You can lose weight by eating less, this will lead to fat loss but will also lower your metabolism. Another way to lose weight is to increase your metabolism, this makes your body burn more calories throughout the day.

Testosterone has been shown to increase a man’s metabolism and therefore lead to weight loss, it can also utilize stored fat as a fuel source which is how it lowers body fat. Two separate benefits that both have separate but similar effects on the body.

Benefit #4. Improved Mood

Having low testosterone has been linked with increased anxiety, stress, and depressive symptoms, by increasing your testosterone you can experience an improved mood, and a lowering of stress. This will lead to better sleep (which further boosts testosterone). You will also have improved ability to focus, improved memory, and improved decision making skills. Perhaps you can see why the belief that increased testosterone leads to aggression is a fallacy.

Benefit #5. Increased Fertility

One of the most common reasons behind infertility in men is very low levels of testosterone, increasing your testosterone to a base-line rate can make a huge difference and help men to become fertile.

Bottom Line

As you can see a lot of the benefits of having high testosterone are also responsible for increasing testosterone further, creating a snowball effect. Increasing your sleep, eating healthily (with lots of protein), lowering your body fat, and getting plenty of exercise will all increase testosterone. And increasing testosterone will allow you to sleep more, lose weight, exercise harder, and reproduce. Sounds like a fair trade!

10 Simple Ways To Reduce Estrogen Levels

10 Simple Ways To Reduce Estrogen

Estrogen is the female sex hormone that is produced in high quantities in the Ovaries, and in much smaller amounts in the testicles (in men … obviously). Estrogen is essential for the male reproductive system to work properly, but problems can arise when the ratio of testosterone to estrogen shifts. Men who find their estrogen levels rising can gain more body fat, breast tissue can form, and their fertility levels can drop.

Because of this a lot of men are looking for ways to reduce estrogen, in this article we are going to look at ten of the most effective methods to reduce estrogen levels. One of the most effective ways to lower estrogen is to increase testosterone, so don’t be surprised when there is some cross-over between the two.

1. Increase Cruciferous Vegetable Intake

Ever wondered why bodybuilders eat broccoli with every meal? It’s not for the amazing taste or texture. It’s because broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are aromatase inhibitors, in other words they block an enzyme (aromatase) that converts excess testosterone into estrogen. While this can be a useful function, too much aromatase can result in high estrogen levels.

2. Supplement with Aromatase Inhibitors

While cruciferous vegetables can help, if you need serious change then a more aggressive approach may be required. You can buy aromatase inhibiting supplements, which perform the same role as cruciferous vegetables but at a more effective rate.

3. Lose Weight

One of the most effective ways to lower estrogen and increase testosterone is to lose weight, removing body fat will lower estrogen production and increase testosterone production. Once this begins the excess testosterone will further help your weight loss, creating a beneficial cycle.

4. Improve sleep quality and duration

Bad sleep can increase cortisol production which lowers testosterone and therefore alters the testosterone/estrogen ratio (even if estrogen doesn’t increase). Improving sleep quality and duration can bring your testosterone levels back up and therefore lower estrogen.

5. Lift Heavy Weights

Lifting heavy weights can increase testosterone and growth hormone production, and improve your metabolism. This will help you lose weight and therefore lower estrogen.

6. Increase Dietary Fat

Men who eat more fat (particularly from animal sources such as meat, dairy etc) have higher concentrations of testosterone. If your testosterone levels are low then this could be the reason.

7. Supplement your Diet with Testosterone Boosters

Natural testosterone boosters may not be as effective as steroid injections, but they are a lot more legal and safe. Finding a natural testosterone booster with the right ingredients is very important! You don’t want to overly-rely on these (if they’re not natural) as too much testosterone can increase the production of aromatase (which we looked at earlier). But if your levels are low, then bringing them back up to base-line could be a very good idea.

8. Reduce Alcohol Intake

If you are drinking too much your body can begin to produce more estrogen, cutting alcohol intake in half could help lower estrogen. It will also help you lose body fat which will also lower estrogen.

9. Increase Fibre

Adding more fibre to your diet can help to lower estrogen, as fibre binds to estrogen in the gut and makes it easier to excrete through the digestive system.

10. Reduce Estrogen Promoting Foods

Some foods, such as soy can actually increase estrogen. So if you can identify these foods and eliminate them from your diet (just temporarily while trying to get your estrogen in check) then you will be able to lower your estrogen levels back to normal. Additionally, consuming foods that help reduce estrogen will be very beneficial to returning your levels back to normal.

Estrogen: What is it and What Does it do?

What is Estrogen and what does it do?

Estrogen is the female sex hormone, there are three major estrogens that occur in the body they are called estrone, estradiol, and estriol. Men also produce estrogen but in far smaller amounts. When women reach the age where they are ready to have children their estrogen levels rise, this causes the development of breasts and the start of the menstrual cycle.

Women produce most of their estrogen in the ovaries, and the adrenal glands, men produce a much smaller amount in the adrenal glands and they also produce some in the testicles. Too much estrogen can become a problem for both men and women, and a lot of male bodybuilders devote a lot of time to lowering their testosterone using drugs.

Estrogen in Women

But estrogen has many uses, and it really should only be lowered if the amount is too high (something that happens to anyone who takes high levels of testosterone injections). Estrogen can increase metabolism, is responsible for protein synthesis in women, increase good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol, and improve lung function.

The main role of estrogen is to enhance female characteristics, something that makes women look more feminine and something that most men want to avoid at all costs! It can widen hips, create breasts, and interestingly it is better at protecting the heart. This is why women are less likely to suffer from heart disease.

Estrogen in Men

As we mentioned earlier men do produce small amounts of estrogen naturally and on the whole this is a good thing. The body tries to maintain the levels of both testosterone and estrogen, so that if one goes up the other will too. It is for this reason that bodybuilders can end up with very high levels of estrogen in their body.

If you were to artificially increase your bodies testosterone levels to ridiculously high levels so that you could pack on lots of muscle, lose fat, and get ready for a show, your body would start to increase the production of estrogen to try and re-balance the ratio. It would also release an enzyme called aromatase which is designed to turn excess testosterone into estrogen.

When the bodybuilder is artificially increasing their testosterone levels their body stops producing any of its own. Once the show is over the body has:

  • Stopped producing testosterone naturally
  • Started converting excess testosterone into estrogen, and
  • Started producing higher amounts of estrogen

Because of this, lots of bodybuilders who don’t know what they are doing can end up with elevated estrogen levels. It is important for bodybuilders and generally any male with high estrogen levels to do simple activities that will lower estrogen. High levels will lead to the development of breast tissue, increased body fat storage, and a host of other issues that they’d rather avoid.

Another way that men can begin to produce more estrogen is to increase their body fat levels. Leading a largely sedentary lifestyle whilst eating a high calorie diet can lead to a lot of weight gain [1]. For a man to lower their estrogen they need to focus on losing weight, eating foods that can help to block aromatase (the enzyme that turns testosterone to estrogen), and potentially look for some estrogen lowering supplements.


[1] Schneider, G., Kirschner, M., Berkowitz, R., Ertel, N. 1979. Increased estrogen production in obese men. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 48(4): 633-8